Step 3: Wash Vanity and Sink

  • Respray vanity area and faucet with vinegar spray. Using your thoroughly rinsed rag, scrub counter and backsplash tiles, paying close attention to edges and ledges that collect dust, and to any areas with dried on toothpaste or other gunk.
  • Sprinkle about 1/8 cup baking soda in the sink. Add water as necessary to make a thick paste
  • Scrub all areas of the sink
  • Scrub and wipe all the areas around the faucets to remove gunk and mineral buildup, rinsing your rag as necessary
  • Next, pull the drain stopper out of the drain. If you have not cleaned it for awhile this will be disgusting, however, it must be cleaned, and next week it won’t be so filthy. Pull off any hair balls with attached muck, and flush down toilet. Use the soda paste in the sink to scrub away all the black muck on the stopper, rinsing periodically as you go. Scrub the top of the drain, and wipe around the inside of it an inch or so.
  • Rinse the entire sink and replace stopper.
  • Retrieve those decorative countertop items, wipe them free of dust, and replace.
  • If you have oversprayed or splatter the mirror with water, rewipe those areas with a dry cloth.

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