Healthy Habit Challenge, March 2010

One of my goals in 2010  is to make healthy living a habit, one step at a time. Join me as I post Healthy Habit Challenges each month this year in four categories:

Included in italics are ways to take it to the next level, if you’ve already made a clean green start.

  • Household Chemical Avoidance: It’s Easter time, and spring is in the air! Try your hand at making your own natural food dyes. Read my first experience in my post Natural Egg Dyes.
    Next level: don’t bring dyed candy into your home: there are far better and delicious options. Trader Joe’s has a lovely assortment of candies with colors from veggies; all that’s missing is the bitter aftertaste of synthetic dye.
  • Diet: Whip up some delicious whole food treats (think no white sugar) for Easter. Read Sweet Treats: Unrefined Sweeteners.
    Next level: have you tried Coffee with Grade B Real Maple Syrup and Cream? Yummy. My husband won’t go back to sugar . . . I’m not complaining.
  • Body Care: Easy on the routine, and easy on the budget: replace your hand soap with something non-toxic. Read Hand Soap: Sudsy Clean.
    Next level: replace shower soap with a natural bar, too.
  • Environment: Reduce the amount of dirt and toxins that come into your home by instituting shoe removal at the door. Read Clean Floors: Bliss to My Feet.
    Next level: Make your entry an easy place to remove and store outside shoes. Consider house slippers or socks set ready at hand in the entry.

What I’m Working on Consistency In:

  • all of last month’s habits! (my new houseplants are still alive!)
  • still need to organize my over-abundance of glass jars :-/
  • making my entry shoe-off-friendly for guests
  • making some great goodies for Easter

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