Butter Substitute for Baking

In regards to the Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe, one reader asked the question:

Is there a way to substitute the butter for something non dairy? I babysit for a little boy who is highly allergic to dairy and finding dairy free recipes for treats is so hard!

This is such a good question, as so many need to avoid dairy and all margarines are so unhealthy (even organic) because their vegetable oils are fragile are damaged at high heat (over 325).

White and creamy virgin coconut oil

Virgin (unrefined) Coconut Oil is a wonderful substitute for butter, and unlike most vegetable oils, can be safely used at baking and frying temperatures. (You would still want to keep the peanut butter cookie recipe under 320 degrees because of the oil in the peanut butter.)

It is solid at room temperature, but melts at low heat (like if you touch it…very similar to butter). It has a slightly sweet flavor which is a boon for many types of cooking/baking. It can be used 1:1 for butter, but since there is no salt added, you may want to over measure your sea salt in recipes which call for butter.

Tropical Traditions is the premier place to get this good-for-you oil: it’s organic, processed gently, and this family business helps the native people of the Philippines. You can feel good in every way about supporting this company. You may want to try out coconut oil on a small scale before ordering from Tropical Traditions; most health food stores will carry organic coconut oil labled “virgin” or “expeller pressed.” Iherb.com carries one from Jarrow that fits the bill.

You don’t want to get refined coconut oil: read this article on the different processes for extracting coconut oil.

If you are ready to get a larger amount of coconut oil, there is a special buy 1, get 1 deal being offered from Tropical Traditions until August 5.

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