Six and Twenty Blackbirds, Baked in a Pie

OK, so I didn’t have black birds, just a turkey. But turkeys have a lot of meat, so after the initial roasted turkey meal, I usually do a lot of soup, sandwiches, and an occasional casserole.

But after such success with my GF pie crust, I decided to make a turkey pot pie.

Oh Yum.

I sauteed onion in butter, added GF flour, salt and pepper, simmered with turkey bone broth and some leftover GF gravy. I layered this in a GF pie crust with cut up turkey dark meat and peas and carrots. Baked until golden and flakey.

That’s comfort food.


2 thoughts on “Six and Twenty Blackbirds, Baked in a Pie

    1. Starr, I used my GF All Purpose Flour. You can read about it in this post. I didn’t use any xanthan gum with it, since it is just for thickening, and doesn’t need to hold together. You could also use potato flour (which I just used for gravy on Christmas). It gives a lovely hearty flavor to savory foods (like gravy and pot pie). Enjoy…~B

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