February Is Going To Be Busy

Looks like February is shaping up to be a busy month for me. Two at home/online events I’m planning to participate in, which you might be interested in too:

  • T-Tapp January Jump Start: 31 day exercise challenge runs from January 27-February 27. See the rules here: http://forum.t-tapp.com/showthread.php?70669-2011-JANUARY-JUMP-START-RULES
  • Health Diet Debate: a series of lectures, over the course of 7 days (Feb.6-12), from some of the “big names” in healthy eating. I’m not sure if this is a truly the “debate” that it’s billed as, or some fancy internet marketing for stand alone lectures, but the viewpoints of the lecturers run from Vegan to Meat Eaters…so should be quite interesting. Plus, it’s free. I’m looking forward to the talks by Sally Fallon and Donna Gates. Read more and register here: http://www.renegadehealth.com/ghd/register.html

So, are you in??

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