Giveaway Winner Announced!

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And the winner of the 50% off T-Tapp Coupon is…

  • Stacie from (for the entry via blog subscription)

Congratulations, Stacie!

And If You Didn’t Win The Giveaway:

Make sure to enter your email in the 10 Day Drawing on the T-Tapp website (winners drawn every 10 days). I entered several times from January-May of last year, then I did win in May. I just entered last week, and won again . . . so there’s proof that if you keep entering you will get picked sometime. The prize is a free workout video (which tend to be shorter, focused exercises) and free shipping. There is no purchase required, but they do also give you a coupon for 50% off a video of your choice (plus the free shipping), which is a great deal if you are wanting to buy a certain workout which isn’t offered in the prizes.

I recommend starting with the Basic Workout Plus because that’s what I’ve been doing to feel better (it is designed for people with chronic fatigue, and really gets the lymph pumping). I love BWP because it is a series of exercises all in a row so you get it done in 15 minutes (which means it actually happens…). Also, BWP has quite a bit of small stretches between the exercises which I think are what make it feel so good.

I am not an affiliate of this company, and do not receive any compensation for recommending their products; I’ve simply been impressed with their company and the results I’ve achieved while following this program.

3 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner Announced!

  1. Hi Bronwyn ~

    We’ve been entering the 10-day contest for T-Tapp since you mentioned it, and just “won”! Yay! We’d like to know which of the free ones you suggest we get started with?

    I noticed you recommended the Basic Workout Plus, and that sounds good. We will probably use our extra “50% off” on that.

    Thanks 😀 Sarah

    P.S. We really enjoyed receiving your postcard

    1. So glad you won! Yes; the coupon is wonderful to use with Basic Workout Plus. I think there is a deal right now where they send you the Yes You Can DVD along with it as a bonus, so you wouldn’t want to choose that one (as your free video). I’d probably go with the TappCore DVD, which will give you some additional arm, leg, and core exercises to do along with Basic Workout Plus (although a few are repeat of what is in BWP). Another option would be to get the Hit the Floor Softer video which works on tighten/flatten tummy; that video is VHS though, so be aware of that.


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