My Favorite [Natural!] Mascara

Yay! is now selling my favorite mascara for a discounted $7.76: Honeybee Gardens Truly Natural Mascara. After trying a number of “natural” mascaras that didn’t work, or turned out to be not-so-natural, I finally found this one. Smooth and without clumps. Doesn’t melt off after a few hours. Good color. And doesn’t cost $25 a tube (c’mon, seriously?).

I love it.

If you are new to, don’t forget to use coupon code RON268 which will give you $5 off. That takes care of your shipping and then some.

Beauty Tip: to avoid looking harsh, choose mascara color one shade darker than your hair color.

  • Dark Brunette/Black Hair: choose black (Black Magic in this brand)
  • Light Brown/Dark Blond/Red Hair: choose black-brown (Espresso in this brand)
  • Light Blond/Strawberry Blond: choose brown (Chocolate Truffle in this brand)

For more drama, add a second coat: that is totally possibly with this silky mascara.

That night (or next morning for me!) your mascara will wash easily off with water and facial cleanser.

OK, so is it important to get “natural” mascara?

It is difficult to assess the toxicity risk for a product “only on our eyelashes,” but mascara is scary close to the mucous membranes of the eyes, and a number of brands of mascara are reported to contain mercury. How much mercury will be absorbed by our bodies? We don’t know; it’s likely different for every individual.

For me, I believe that I do absorb some mascara through my eyes/tear fluid into my nasal cavity (at least I have had “mascara crud” come out on a tissue after blowing my nose the morning after sleeping with mascara). So if using “toxic” mascara, perhaps a habit of washing it off before bed would be indicated. Or just get the good stuff and don’t worry about it.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite [Natural!] Mascara

  1. Bronwyn, do you feel like it gives nice long lashes and are you able to layer it to get a full look? I have pretty scrawny eyelashes and so far Arbonne’s mascara has been the only non-clumping, lash enhancing option….but I’d love to save $20!

    1. Krista, I do feel like it does a great job on length, and that I’m able to put on a few coats without clumping…with care. I do tend to keep using the tube for longer than “recommended” (don’t they always say 6 weeks for a tube?). I use one for at least 3 months, and sometimes it lasts up to 6 months (sometimes I need to add a drop of water when it gets drier/thicker). And the older it gets, I’m thinking clumping is a little harder to avoid. Of course, since I try to stretch the use of one tube out so long, I am fastidious about keeping it clean: I only use it on clean lashes, and never touch anything else to the wand (except maybe the drop of water).

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