Day Four [Diet Makeover pt. 11]

Kids woke happy and ate up their muffins and yogurt in a flash. Here’s a happy face and empty bowl (sorry for the harsh lighting).


Ripe banana
Homemade 24 hour yogurt with berries and honey
Banana muffins [almond flour] with butter
Frittata with sauteed bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and sliced apple sausage, topped with cheddar (for Moms)


Mr.Dad had to leave early for an appointment a few hours away, so he ate muffins and yogurt before the frittata was ready. Taking a lesson from yesterday’s Chic Fil-A incident, we discussed food options for him while on the road. The top ideas:

Restaurant Meal Ideas

A salad with grilled chicken, hold the dressing and croutons (a drivethru option, but it would be boring without dressing, and the chicken may be injected with sugar/corn syrup)

An omelette with veggies, meat, and aged cheese (cheddar, Swiss, etc.) if he could lunch at a breakfast place

A meat entree with veggies on the side, such as steak and asparagus, half a roasted chicken and green beans, etc. This is obviously an option for a nicer sit-down restaurant.

A burrito bowl, hold the rice and corn chips (this is what he chose at Baja Fresh)

Apple sausages, mandarins (kids)
Fajita leftovers as lettuce wraps (Moms) Yummy!


Mrs.Mom and I made dinner together, converting one of her favorite recipes; a Danish Souffle. (We substituted kefir for milk and almond flour for wheat flour.)

Aeggekage, with honey caramel sauce
Chicken apple sausages


SCD Aeggekage
9 large eggs
2 cups 24 hour kefir
2 cups almond flour
1/2 cup liquid honey
1/2 tsp salt
Melt 1 stick of butter in a glass 9×13 pan in a 500 degree oven. Whisk ingredients together until foamy, carefully pour into hot pan, and bake for 15 minutes. Serve immediately.

Honey Caramel
1 stick butter
1/2 cup honey
Heat in saucepan over medium flame, stirring until boiling for about 5 minutes thickens sauce.

Also today I made 3 zucchini lasagnas for the freezer. Wash and thinly slice 1.5 lbs zucchini, dehydrate for about 2 hours on parchment lined pans in a 200 degree oven.


Fry up 2 lbs of Italian sausage. I used a mixture of Trader Joes Sicilian chicken sausage (it has no sugar) and organic ground beef with Italian spices and garlic added.


Add 2 jars of prepared marinara. (Wholefoods brand 365Everyday in no fat variety has no sugar or bad oils (soy and canola being the common bad oils) and is organic.)


Assemble the lasagnas with meat sauce, then layer of zucchini, then cheese (using Trader Joes Quatro Formaggio which is an Italian blend).


Then a layer of homemade ricotta: yogurt strained through a cheesecloth. You’ll need about a quart of yogurt drained through flour sack into a glass bowl for about 6 hours. Yield is 1 cup ricotta and 3 cups whey liquid (we are saving the whey as an ingredient in homemade baby formula).

For the lasagna ricotta, add one egg and some basil and nutmeg. Smear into a layer as well as you can, then repeat layers of meat sauce, zucchini, meat sauce, and top with cheese. These will make easy freezer meals in the coming weeks.

Task list:
Move yogurt, Creme Fraiche, and kefir to fridge, start new batches if desired
Make and serve above meals
Make and freeze lasagnas

Here’s a picture of me straining the yogurt ricotta from the whey. The lasagna pictures were taken by my eight year old daughter; thanks sweetie!


2 thoughts on “Day Four [Diet Makeover pt. 11]

  1. It sounds like you guys are doing a great job. Eating well on the road is so difficult. Maybe a high quality thermos? Is he away from home for just the day, or for many days at a time?

  2. He is actually rarely away for more than a day, and when he is, it’s either a client lunch (where it’s very difficult to bring your own food), or he is driving. 95% of the time, he will be either home for lunch (we live <5 min. from his office) or have lunch at his office. Which is why it's actually possible for us to do a diet like this that has such "crazy" restrictions when compared to the SAD.

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