Diet Makeover Wrap Up

If you’ve been following this Diet Makeover since the beginning, you may have wondered whatever happened at the end of the week. Sorry for the delay in blogging; I’ve been traveling and returning my own family into a normal schedule and wasn’t able to write.

I left my sister’s house on Saturday morning, after a few last hugs all around and a snuggle with Baby Mac. It’s always hard to hold him as I’m afraid he’ll “break” in my arms, although his parents assure me that won’t happen and I should just hold him like any other baby. Here he is with me (left) and his mom.


I ask Mrs. Mom to weigh Baby Mac on Saturday morning to see if there was any change with the daily bone broth/butter oil supplementation. He has really struggled to gain weight, as healing from surgery requires so many additional calories. On Thursday he also had to fast for 12 hours for an MRI, (which just seems wrong and Mrs.Mom has decided to fight on the next go around), so we were holding our breath that he had retained his 4.5 ounce gain between Sunday and Tuesday. But low and behold, his weight had risen another 2.5 ounces to 14 lbs!! Good job Mac! Keep it up!

I can’t wait to see the results as he transitions even more to the broth/liver formula (Weston A. Price) which Mrs. Mom is making this week.


Mr. Dad commented that his seasonal allergies had been better all week, except for right after indulging at Chic Fil’A, and that he hadn’t therefore needed his allergy medicine all week, which he normally took daily. The SCD diet makes no claim to restore immune health so quickly; it’s the long term nourishment and cleansing that truly bolsters the immune system, however wheat, sugar, and milk are all common allergies, and removing them from his diet may have helped Mr. Dad feel better so quickly.

In prep for the coming week, I gave Mrs.Mom an electronic version of my 2 week meal plan, which I’ve printed off and keep in my purse so I can quickly reference it while grocery shopping each week. She will need to revise it with some of their favorite meals (like Aeggekage) and delete some they don’t like or which have ingredients which they react to.

We plan to FaceTime this week so I can walk her through making a pizza crust with almond flour (yes, it can be done).

Some other menu ideas:
Curry Crockpot Chicken over diced apples and shredded cabbage
Tuscan white bean soup with sausage and kale
Grassfed beef hamburgers with cheese buns
Burrito bowls
Steak and roasted veggies

Have you enjoyed this Diet Makeover? What changes have you made to support a healthier lifestyle?

5 thoughts on “Diet Makeover Wrap Up

  1. I did the fajitas and enjoyed them. Although I did eat them with corn tortillas. I would love some more recipes. I really struggle with feeding my family. And my kids and I are ADDICTED to carbs.

  2. Bronwyn, I, too, would love to have your two week meal plan. I am certain that we need to go to an SCD eating plan which I have resisted somewhat because of additional limitations in diet (like egg and nut allergies). II am trying to be well prepared before we begin. If you are open to sharing the meal plan I would love it! Your blog has been an encouragement to me and a great source of practical ideas for my family’s health. Thanks.

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