Diet Makeover

This week I am in California, visiting my sister and her family. She has asked me to give her family a “diet makeover” during my visit, and I’m going to try to share the journey with you while I’m here.
I’m posting from my iPhone, so please forgive any technical errors. 🙂

Here’s a picture of my nephew, Mac. He was born last May, and has severe Spina Bifida, which has led to 10 surgeries and many other life saving measures in the last 10 months. Although he is too weak to nurse for all of his caloric needs, my sister is committed to continuing her breast milk supply for him since the immune factors in breast milk are so crucial for him. So a major goal is to boost her immunity for transfer to him.

Mac just came home from the hospital (again) last Saturday, after a minor cold going through the family developed into meningitis in him.
I’ll introduce the rest of the family to you later, and journal our diet makeover for you.

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