Why The Butter?


I have found your posts on the detox to be quite interesting, and have been reading through them all. But when I came to today’s post about sticking a slab of butter in B’s mouth and telling him to suck on it, I just had to ask…what is with all of the butter? I get using it in moderation, but you seem to be using quite a lot of it…and I have never heard of someone giving it to a child to suck on!! I would love to be enlightened :) ~Joy


Great question, Joy! Butterfat is really good for the brain, especially the brains of developing children, and because it is satiating, slowly absorbed, and has the highest calorie concentration of all foods, is great in a sugar-low situation. I knew If I stuffed scrambled eggs in Brother’s mouth he’d spit them out or gag…but butter just melts in. You can read more about butter, and why quality is important, in my post here: http://cleangreenstart.wordpress.com/2011/09/20/organic-diet-step-1-oils-and-fats/

Besides working as a catalyst for vitamins A, D, E and K, butter has several healing and immune boosting properties. For adults who are watching their weight, butter may be something to use only in moderation. For persons who are healing and for children, I use it liberally!

Here is a picture of my 18 month old helping himself to the butter in our home, about two weeks ago. Although he’s not really allowed to help himself (messy!), my kids know that a slab of butter is a viable snack around our place, and I often pop slabs in everyone’s mouth when they have the hungry-for-dinner-but-dinner’s-not-ready munchies/grumpies. My children are not at all overweight, and are about the healthiest kids I know, including tooth/bone formation. They are also the smartest kids I know (OK, I’ve obviously crossed the line into mother-dillusion/bragging). I’m grateful to know they are joining the ranks of healthy butter eaters everywhere!

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  1. Thanks for the informative answer!! I never thought of butter quite as useful as you have described it to be. Good stuff!!

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