Summer Weather [plants and chickens]

It’s gorgeous northwest summer weather here: 82 with a gentle breeze. The kind of weather we slog through 6 months of wet for. To celebrate, I let the kids run through sprinklers while I planted seeds in the garden.

This is the garden bed my wonderful husband built me last year. He was tired of beating back the sod each year. A few weeks ago he spent about 20 minutes digging chicken manure into it, and it was all ready for me to plant. Which I did today with heritage seeds from Heirlooms Evermore (Azure Standard), which come in delightfully simple packages.

Hopefully in a few months we’ll be dining on green beans, radishes, carrots, watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, and enjoying sunflowers and nasturtiums.

After planting, hosing down a toddler, and putting two babies in bed for naps, I went over to the farm where I buy duck eggs each week to collect my five chickens from Tina’s refrigerator. (My husband now works from home, and agreed to listen for cries from the sleeping babies while I was out. I told you he is wonderful.)

Five chickens, over five lbs each, but she only charged me on 25 lbs. Livers, hearts, feet, and heads (for making stock…we don’t really eat that stuff) on the side, no charge. $2.50/lb, which is the price for organic birds at Trader Joes, but those birds aren’t free range. So I think this was a very good value, and I get to support my local farmer/friend in keeping our food supply local.


On my way home, I stopped off at Rusty Glamour (formerly Uncovered Ruby) to buy some plants for $2 each. Awesome price! I chose coral bells and sedum, and resisted the urge to get plants I’m not familiar with. Better to stick with some I know I like and I think will thrive on neglect. 🙂

While packing my chickens into the freezer at home, I realized what a great local food/flowers day I had. Garden, chickens, eggs, flower plants. I love that local buying has become so normal for me.

4 thoughts on “Summer Weather [plants and chickens]

  1. Your climate sounds wonderful. We live in the hot, dry desert of Tucson, but actually I love it much of the time. Not too conducive for growing summer gardens. I want to tell you that you have changed my life. For months I have been enjoying your waffle recipe and making raw milk kefir. It is galling that government wants to harrass people who are just trying to eat simple, healthy foods. Best regards, Carolyn

    1. Carolyn, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the waffles and kefir! And I’m so glad you wrote to tell me…it makes me happy to think of you munching on waffles and sipping kefir in the Arizona sun all these months!
      I have a sister in Peoria who grows a winter garden in raised beds. I’m sure it takes a new level of commitment to garden in that arid climate, so it’s probably not for everyone or every year. You do live in a beautiful place though, with so much sun and vistas to enjoy.
      Take care, Bronwyn

  2. Bronwyn,
    It’s time to post the end of the summer garden photo! I didn’t take photos this year, but my tomatoes did really well, my green beans and cucumbers were fine, and the squash didn’t do well at all. I think maybe I had my automatic water going too often for them. Next year I will try to regulate the water better. We are still eating loads of tomatoes here!

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