Clean Eating Day 21 [SCD, GAPS, Whole30]

Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, orange slices, hot tea
Veggie soup, leftover Asian Meatballs or hot dog or apple chicken sausage, apple slices
Beef goulash (shredded beef stew), rotkohl (spiced red cabbage), spiced winter squash, green beans, sautéed crimini mushrooms

When I was newly married, my husband (aka Mr. Wonderful, a German) asked me if I could learn to make a German meal and a few German desserts. This was a tiny bit overwhelming to me, since I was raised on mainly American, Mexican, and Italian fare.

So I started reading about German food, and I invited myself over to the home of a German gal I’d met through a Bible study. She taught me goulash and rotkohl, which has been my go-to German meal since. (Thank you, Kathleen!)

(I also make a few German desserts… All in gluten free versions now.)

Oh, and my kids have now “left France and gone to Germany” in school studies. German food. Perfect timing.

Beef Goulash
2-3 lbs steak or roast meat, fat trimmed, cut in chunks
1-2 onions, chopped
Fresh ground pepper
Bay leaves
In a large heavy enamel lidded pot, brown meat in lard over medium high heat. Add salt, pepper, onions and bay leaves. Allow onion to begin to caramelize, then add 1/2 cup liquid (beef broth, water, or red wine). Turn to low and simmer for two hours with lid on, or until meat is falling apart and shreds. Remove any remaining gristle or bones, and add another 1/2 cup liquid, and continue to cook on low heat until liquid is absorbed. Remove bay leaves before serving.

I used red wine in the beef today. This is not approved on the whole30 diet, however, I was cooking grassfed beef (a very large chuck steak and a small tenderloin) and Mr. Wonderful really prefers to have a marinade type flavoring whenever we eat this beef. I’m not so sensitive to the stronger flavor of grassfed, but it is often gamey to his taste. He heartily endorsed the flavor of tonight’s beef though.


In large kettle, sautéed in 2 Tb ghee:
1 sweet onion, chopped
When translucent, add:
1 head red cabbage, finely sliced
1 large apple, cored and sliced
1/2 tsp each cinnamon, cloves
1/4 tsp each nutmeg, cardamom
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup apple cider
Simmer until apple and onion are soft and can be mashed into the cabbage, liquid is mostly absorbed, and cabbage is purple throughout. Serve hot.


I baked sweet meat squash for this dinner. These squash are so huge! I thought it was so cool that the skin came off the squash so cleanly when I lifted it off.


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