How to Test Your Olive Oil

So the word on the street is that our olive oil may be fake, or rather cut with cheaper (and unhealthy) oils like canola, corn, or worse.

How to know if yours is?

Put it in the refrigerator.


If it turns solid at this lower temperature, that means it is indeed an oil with saturated and unsaturated fats; the signature of olive oil.

You can see my olive oil above; after two days of refrigeration, it was pretty solid. Of course, it’s impossible to pour in this state, so don’t *keep* it in the fridge. 🙂

What brand did I buy? Trader Joes Organic Spanish EVOO, a great deal at $6.99 for 17oz.


(I know…this sounds like an add straight from the TJ’s Frequent Flyer. Fortunately for you, these are my honest opinions. Unfortunately for me, I’m not getting paid to rave about their products.)

7 thoughts on “How to Test Your Olive Oil

  1. Does it need to be in the fridge for more than 24 hours? I’ve been buying the organic from Costco and it didn’t solidify in 24 hours. I’m in denial.

  2. I just bought Organic/GMO free Avocado oil at Costco today – high in poly and mono unsaturated fats so it heats at a higher temp to cook and stir fry with safely. I’ll put it in the fridge and report in! Does anyone else use this?

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