The goal of this blog is to share some of the information I’ve studied in the last few years about healthy living, including the following topics:

  • cleaning without toxic chemicals
  • changing over personal care products (which absorb right through the skin) to ones that don’t contain toxins and known carcinogens; including suggestions on all the things I’ve tried; what works, what doesn’t
  • improving our diet towards “real” foods (Weston Price style), including the yummiest recipes I can muster
  • better ways to live simply, have less trash, and consume less (joyfully and gratefully!)
  • find the best prices for the best products (“green” and “organic” don’t have to be expensive)

I have many successes in each of these areas, as well as areas in which I want to grow. And I’ll bet it’s the same for you; you know you’re doing well in some areas, but there are things you wish you had some extra time for research, or trial and error. That’s why I named my blog Clean Green Start; we need to celebrate all the good starts we have made, and continue to develop good habits! I’m hoping my blog will become a resource for you to find summaries of info on related sites, or to see my product recommendations, or to just join me so we can encourage each other in creating a home that is healthy and happy!

A few words about me: I am the happy wife of Heiko and mother of our six children. I keep quite busy as a stay-at-home mom, and homeschool teacher. I want to be the very best wife and mother I can be, and I know that includes the decisions I make for my family in diet, medicines, chemicals, personal care products, and all other products that come into our home. I believe in good stewardship of the planet God has given us to share, and I believe in the power of consumer education in a free country to change regulations. I’m delighted that we already have so many good choices available to us!

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To a happy, healthy life!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you, Bronwyn, for investing time, knowledge and creativity to improve the domestic scene for many people. You are giving great information and enlarging the base of informed homemakers who can raise healthier families as a result.

  2. Hello Bronwyn,
    I have enjoyed reading some of your blog this evening and have learnt allot.
    My family knew Heiko many years ago and I saw your Christmas card at my folks on Sunday. Lovely to see your’s and Heiko’s beautiful family growing.
    I am married to Austin Teulon and we have two young children.
    Greetings to you and Heiko from us and also from the Jordan family (Lois, Barry, and Azzan).
    Grace Teulon (nee Jordan)

  3. Hey Bronwyn!! So funny to find your blog through a google search for something totally different. (T-tapp ) Excited to peruse. Trust all is well. Give a big hello to your family! ~Paula

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