Crayon on The Upholstery

So what kind of crazy woman would have a white sofa with 4 young children in the home?

Um, that would be me.

My Living Room

It was after reading 5 things to consider before you choose white slipcovers at The Inspired Room that I decided to go with white. Actually, I love my white couches, because the white slipcovers can be stripped off and washed as need be.

Unfortunately, this week that need was because the 2 year old took black crayon to the loveseat. Sorry for the bad lighting, but you can see the marks in the photo.

The Crayola website has some suggestions for removing crayon: WD40 is what they recommended for getting crayon out of fabric. Hmm…don’t love bring that into my house, but the basic idea is that it’s an oil to disolve the crayon. So I used Citra-Solv all purpose spray.

Sprayed it on, scrubbed with a dry terry rag, repeat, washed in the machine with hot water, laundry soap and oxygen bleach. Clean again!