Clean Eating Day 21 [SCD, GAPS, Whole30]

Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, orange slices, hot tea
Veggie soup, leftover Asian Meatballs or hot dog or apple chicken sausage, apple slices
Beef goulash (shredded beef stew), rotkohl (spiced red cabbage), spiced winter squash, green beans, sautéed crimini mushrooms

When I was newly married, my husband (aka Mr. Wonderful, a German) asked me if I could learn to make a German meal and a few German desserts. This was a tiny bit overwhelming to me, since I was raised on mainly American, Mexican, and Italian fare.

So I started reading about German food, and I invited myself over to the home of a German gal I’d met through a Bible study. She taught me goulash and rotkohl, which has been my go-to German meal since. (Thank you, Kathleen!)

(I also make a few German desserts… All in gluten free versions now.)

Oh, and my kids have now “left France and gone to Germany” in school studies. German food. Perfect timing.

Beef Goulash
2-3 lbs steak or roast meat, fat trimmed, cut in chunks
1-2 onions, chopped
Fresh ground pepper
Bay leaves
In a large heavy enamel lidded pot, brown meat in lard over medium high heat. Add salt, pepper, onions and bay leaves. Allow onion to begin to caramelize, then add 1/2 cup liquid (beef broth, water, or red wine). Turn to low and simmer for two hours with lid on, or until meat is falling apart and shreds. Remove any remaining gristle or bones, and add another 1/2 cup liquid, and continue to cook on low heat until liquid is absorbed. Remove bay leaves before serving.

I used red wine in the beef today. This is not approved on the whole30 diet, however, I was cooking grassfed beef (a very large chuck steak and a small tenderloin) and Mr. Wonderful really prefers to have a marinade type flavoring whenever we eat this beef. I’m not so sensitive to the stronger flavor of grassfed, but it is often gamey to his taste. He heartily endorsed the flavor of tonight’s beef though.


In large kettle, sautéed in 2 Tb ghee:
1 sweet onion, chopped
When translucent, add:
1 head red cabbage, finely sliced
1 large apple, cored and sliced
1/2 tsp each cinnamon, cloves
1/4 tsp each nutmeg, cardamom
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup apple cider
Simmer until apple and onion are soft and can be mashed into the cabbage, liquid is mostly absorbed, and cabbage is purple throughout. Serve hot.


I baked sweet meat squash for this dinner. These squash are so huge! I thought it was so cool that the skin came off the squash so cleanly when I lifted it off.


Clean Eating Day 20 [SCD, GAPS, Whole30]

Scrambled eggs (yep, that was all…busy morning getting out the door to church!)
Asian Meatballs with dipping sauce, butternut squash fries, blooming onion (or at least my first attempt)

Roasted Onion and Sweet Fries
On stovetop melt:
2 Tb ghee
1/2 tsp garlic
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp fresh ground pepper
2 Tb olive oil
Use an apple slicer to cut a sweet onion into wedges. Separate layers and dribble marinade between pieces.
Peal and cut a butternut squash into French fry size pieces. Toss remaining marinade on pieces and place in a single layer on papered baking sheet. Roast at 500 for 15 minutes, turn up to broil and broil until pieces are brown and just starting to blacken. Serve immediately.


Clean Eating Day 19 [SCD, GAPS, Whole30]

Banana Soufflé with berry compote, turkey sausage, orange slices
Veggie soup with approved chicken sausage or approved hot dog
Almonds, bananas, apples, raisins, soaked and dried walnuts
Brat Roast, sauerkraut (live probiotics) Dijon Mustard (Germans call it senf…say “zenf.” More fun than “mustard,” right?)

20130119-223751.jpgBanana Soufflé
Heat oven to 400. Place glass 9×12 inch pan in oven with 2 Tb ghee.
In blender, mix:
3 ripe bananas
6 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
When oven is hot and ghee is melted, remove pan and swirl ghee onto sides and over bottom of pan. Pour batter in pan, bake for 20 minutes, or until brown and crispy at edges. It will not puff up like a standard soufflé. Serve immediately with berry compote.

Yum…this was so good. I made two pans for all 7 of us.

Brat Roast
Preheat the oven to 475.
Place on parchment papered baking sheet:
6 Bratwurst (mine made by local health food store and contain only natural pork and herbs and spices, and salt)
1 acorn squash, in 1/2 inch slices
1 sweet onion, pealed and sliced
4 apples, cored and chunked
2 Tb olive oil
Sprinkle of coarse Celtic sea salt
Sprinkle of fresh ground proper

Toss together to distribute olive oil. Arrange in a single layer on baking sheet; I had enough here to need a second baking sheet.

Place in hot oven for 15 minutes, then remove, flip brats, and return to oven for 5 more minutes. Turn on broiler and broil each pan for approximately 5 minutes, or until the onions are looking a bit charred but sausages are not yet blackening.

Serve immediately, with senf and sauerkraut.

Wow, the sweet onions in this dish were so amazing…actually it was all so good. Mr. Wonderful named it as his new favorite meal. 🙂

Clean Eating Day 17 and 18

I’m combining yesterday and today’s menu, since they are nearly identical. For yesterday’s dinner I made an extra large crock pot of Italian Chicken Stew, since we were expecting friends to visit today and I love a dinner of leftovers to take pressure off my afternoon. Why don’t I do that more often?

This afternoon, I sat on my front stoop with my friend Annie, tea cup in hand, and talked godly mothering as the low winter sun made long shadows on bleached trees and fields. It was lovely.

Hot tea, Scrambled eggs, half grapefruit, turkey sausage patties
Veggie soup with avocado, chicken apple sausage or hot dogs, banana, apple slices (today our guests brought apple, berries, and cabbage to share with our lunch)
Italian Chicken Stew (picture above, recipe below)
Steamed broccoli and sautéed crimini mushrooms (last night)
Steamed green beans (tonight)

Italian Chicken Stew
Layer into crockpot:
2 Tb organic olive oil
5 very large chicken breasts, frozen
1 Tb Organic no salt seasoning (Costco)
1 Tb Real Salt
3 Tb Italian Seasoning -less if yours does not include garlic, and add garlic (Oregon Spice Co)
2 tsp basil
1 can (14oz) diced organic tomatoes (TJs)
1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes (TJs)
1/4 cup red wine vinegar (TJs)

Here is a picture of the ingredients minus chicken…I always love a visual aid when I’m looking for something specific!


Turn crockpot on high for 2 hours, then reduce to low for 3 more hours. Cut/shred chicken into smaller chunks, and adjust salt. Leave lid tilted to allow steam to vent, and leave on low for another 1-2 hours to decrease liquid before serving.

Clean Eating Day 16 [SCD, GAPS, Whole30]

Hot tea, Scrambled eggs, half grapefruit, turkey sausage patties
Veggie soup with avocado, hot dogs, apple slices
Taco Bowls: Ground beef fried with Oregon Spice Taco Seasoning, over lime juice tossed shredded cabbage with avocado and Pico de Gallo

Taco bowls have become a Wednesday night tradition. They go together quickly after I’ve been out doing my errands, and before the kids head out to AWANA.

Sorry; in all the rush, no photo.

Clean Eating Day 15 [SCD, GAPS, Whole30]


Today is the halfway mark! We have made it through 15 days of clean eating, with 15 left to go.

We celebrated by talking about the foods we are going to be able to eat again when the 30 days are over. Although my kids started spouting off foods we never ate anyway…Mac and cheese…donuts…I brought them back to reality with the idea that we will slowly add in the foods which are best for us, starting with SCD yogurt. (Yogurt cultured for 24 so it’s completely digested.)

Then we made a calendar (above) showing the days completed, the days to go, and our “coming off” foods.

Day 1: plain homemade yogurt (probably in smoothies)
Day 2: honey
Day 3: banana splits (this is really just combining the yogurt and honey into frozen yogurt, atop bananas, with homemade chocolate/coconut oil/honey syrup, chopped almonds, and a cherry on top)
Day 4 will be Super Bowl Sunday, so I’m sure potatoes (chips) will be our big addition that day, as well as more dairy (cheese, hard)

But for now, we are dairy and sweets free. Here’s what we ate today:

Scrambled eggs and turkey sausage, hot tea, orange slices
Veggie soup and hot dog, avocado
Apple slices, almonds
Roasted chicken, roasted brusselsprouts, roasted acorn squash mashed with ghee, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pear cider

Clean Eating Day 14 [SCD, GAPS, Whole30]

Scrambled eggs, topped with pork breakfast sausage fried with diced apple, orange slices
Veggie soup, and hot dog or last of the sliced steak, apples
Pumpkin soup with Italian chicken sausage, cashews

Dinner was supposed to be a chicken broth soup with Italian sausage and kale (with a salad on the side)…but turned into a disaster after the kale I added to the soup was super bitter…I quickly strained all the broth, but some bitterness remained. Adding a can of pumpkin and half a can of coconut cream brought back its sweetness. By that time, I barely got it to the table…so we ate it alone without salad. But it was filling and the baby ate 3 bowls! I’m giving the recipe without the mishap.


Pumpkin Soup with Sausage
2 qts homemade chicken broth
1 sweet onion, puréed
2 Tb ghee
Celtic sea salt to taste (at least 1 Tb if broth not salted)
1/2 tsp paprika
1 can pumpkin
1/2 can coconut cream
1 cup roasted sweet peppers, chopped
1 lb Italian chicken sausage (Isernios chub from Fred Meyer)

Sautée the onion in ghee in a large kettle. When browning/caramelizing, add broth, pumpkin, paprika, and coconut cream. Bring to a simner. Fry up the sausage in a skillet, when brown add to soup with the roasted peppers. Season with salt, starting with a half Tb and adding to taste. Add pepper if desired.

Here are the sweet peppers I roasted yesterday.


Clean Eating Day 13 [SCD, GAPS, Whole30]

Sweet peppers, roasted at 550 for 10 minutes.

Scrambled eggs, orange slices
Glass carrot/apple/celery juice
Early Dinner
Green Onion Soup, Steak and veggie wraps with paprika aioli
Late Snack
Almond butter, apple slices, banana

Using the veggie pulp from juicing seemed like a good way to wrap up our leftover steak from Friday, since I didn’t have any lettuce leaves in the house.



Veggie Wraps
4 cups pulp from juicing 2lbs carrots, two apples, I bunch celery, sliced to avoid long celery fibers
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup almond flour
2 eggs
Mix all ingredients and roll out thinly on two parchment lived baking sheets. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes, or until browned and crisp at edges.


Paprika Aoili
Melt 2Tb ghee, stir in 1/4 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp salt, and 1/2 tsp paprika
Place 1 egg at room temperature in blender. Drizzle in 6 Tb olive oil. Drizzle in ghee mixture until emulsified

Assemble finely sliced veggies and cold steak: tomato, cabbage, cilantro, onion, avocado, roasted peppers.


Fill wraps with Aoili, steak, and veggies.

I tried to roll up the wraps with all the goodies inside, but this didn’t work very well as the veggie wraps break easily. I learned it was better to cut smaller strips and fold the wrap in half around less filling.


Clean Eating Day 12 [SCD, GAPS, Whole30]

Hot tea, scrambled eggs, pork breakfast sausage (made with turkey sausage recipe), orange slices, baked squash soufflé with coconut topping
Veggie soup with avocado, grassfed hot dog or chicken sausage, apples
Apples and veggies
Asian meatballs with dipping sauce, green onion soup

At breakfast, everyone turned up their noses at the pumpkin soufflé, so the baby and I ate about half of it ourselves. It’s just all the pumpkin and other squash I roasted this week, blended with nutmeg, cinnamon, pear cider, and 2 eggs, topped with unsweetened coconut and baked at 350 for 30 minutes.

In the afternoon, Mr. Wonderful took me to see Les Miserables in the Theater. Loved it. Then we all got home at 6:30 -hungry- and I hadn’t started dinner yet.

While waiting for their dinner, the kids all gobbled up servings of cold squash soufflé, amazed that it tasted like pumpkin pie.


These are the Asian Meatballs, recipe from my new friend Katherine. Thanks, Katherine!

Asian Meatballs
2 pounds ground pork
2/3 large head of green cabbage (napa cabbage is alternate)
5 stems cilantro with leaves
2 green onions
3 cloves garlic
Real salt
Sesame Oil
(Ginger is optional; I didn’t add ginger)

1. Put the pork in a large mixing bowl and use a hand mixer to beat it so the meat loosens into threads. Lightly season the meat with salt and sesame oil.

2. Finely chop the cabbage in the food processor, salt well, allow to sit for a few minutes, then press as much liquid out as possible; too much liquid will cause the meatballs to fall apart. Add pressed cabbage to meat.

3. Finely mince onion, garlic, cilantro, and ginger if adding it, add to meat, and blend the mixture together.

4. Form into balks the size of ping pong balls. These may be made ahead and frozen or refrigerated.

5. To cook, fill a large pot half full with water; bring to a boil over high heat. When boiling, add enough meatballs to cover bottom of pot without them crowding/sticking together. Leave over high heat, and when it returns to a boil, add a cup of cold water, which will cool the water below boiling. Repeat this step once more, and when it has returned to boiling the third time the meatballs are done. Fish them out and serve immediately with dipping sauce.

Dipping Sauce
2 parts soy sauce (I used coconut aminos)
1 part sesame oil (I used olive because I didn’t have sesame, but sesame is on my shopping list since olive is not a very good substitute)
Green onions, finely minced, to taste
Garlic, finely minced, to taste
Chili oil or minced fresh chilies to taste (I didn’t have this, so I used a dash of cayenne red pepper)

Surprisingly, the sauce tasted good, despite all my substitutions. And the meatballs were delicious. Next time I will definitely do more than two pounds.

Green Onion Soup
2 qts chicken stock
6 stalks green onions, sliced
2 cloves garlic, minced
10 stems cilantro, minced
4 oz crimini mushrooms, sliced
1 cup sliced green cabbage
Salt to taste (at least 1 Tb if stock is unsalted)
1 Tsp coconut aminos
Mix all ingredients in a soup pot and simmer until green onion is soft.

I used stock which I had made from our Plum Mustard Drumsticks, which was very dark and rich from a bit of the sauce being cooked with the bones. If your broth is light, you could mimic the dark flavor of the broth by adding a small bit of plum purée and Dijon mustard.


Clean Eating Day 11 [SCD, GAPS, Whole30]

Hot tea, scrambled eggs, turkey sausage patties, orange slices
Veggie soup with avocado, grassfed hot dogs or chicken apple sausages, apple slices
Afternoon Snack
Pistachios, apples
Sirloin Steaks, with coconut aminos and spice rub, broiled
Roasted cauliflower, steamed green beans, salad with apples, avocados, and dressing

I’ve never been able to enjoy cauliflower…heaven knows I’ve tried: steamed with sauces, puréed in soups, added to salads…but it has always put me off. Until today.

I was skeptical when I read the raves about this roasted cauliflower recipe, but I’m now a believer. Next time I will make twice as much. Below is my adaptation, guided by my friend Cara Lee.

Roasted Cauliflower

1 large head cauliflower, washed, dried, and cut into bite size pieces
2 Tb ghee, melted
2 Tb olive oil
1 tsp Real salt
1 tsp garlic powder
3/4 tsp fresh ground pepper
1/2 tsp paprika
1/4 tsp smoked paprika
Place cauliflower pieces in a gallon ziplock bag. Mix additional ingredients together then add to bag and coat cauliflower. Dump into roasting pan and roast on 425 for 45-50 minutes, stirring occasionally, until brown on all sides. The crispy edges will be the best, so don’t pull it out too soon. Enjoy hot.

My only regret is using too small of a pan. They would gave been more crispy if each piece had more space. But there’s always next time!