Personal Care

Personal care products -those beauty aids we rub directly on our skin- should be at the top of our list when considering the chemical impact on our health. Below are my favorite clean green brands for beauty while avoiding toxin chemicals.


There are lots of mineral makeups out there, but alimapure won my loyalty with their 60-some shades of foundation (what?) and super super fine powder which gives a flawless finish. Their Natural Definition Eye Liner is the best I’ve tried, being soft enough and dark enough. Eye shadows are gorgeous: matte, shimmer…classy and not “sparkly.”
And oh yeah, their boxes are super cute with birdies on them. (Not that packaging really matters, but hey, birdies!)

Honeybee Gardens
I love the Black Magic mascara because it’s got the most staying power of any natural mascara I’ve found, plus it’s black black.

Lip Liner
Dr. Haushca has been my lip liner for quite awhile: great colors and texture. I apply over powdered lips, finish with a gloss for all-day-stay.

alimapure has a nice lipstick, but I rarely wear it: I’m a lipgloss girl. Aubrey Organics has my favorite lipgloss.

Nail Polish

Tampons and Sanitary Napkins
Who would have thought this would be important? But bleached cotton carries Dioxin, a potent carcenogen. Not putting that next to my cervix, thank you! And I’ve found NatraCare to be great, and no yukky fragrances either.

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