A Little Something [Honey Brittle]

Sometimes I just need a little something. A little dessert garnish, a little protein snack, a little candy on a stick, a little caramel drizzle.
Here is a little recipe. Three ingredients. But you could use it for many different things.

Honey Brittle (or taffy, or caramel)
1 stick Unsalted organic butter (can substitute 1/2 cup coconut oil if avoiding dairy)
2/3 cup raw honey
1/4 real salt

Melt together in a sauce pan over medium heat, stirring constantly with a whisk. When simmering, it will foam up; continue to whisk this down. Then when it starts to boil, it won’t foam quite as much, but keep whisking! You don’t want it to burn.

The length of boiling time will determine the texture of your finished product. On my stove, this is approximately:

1 minute: caramel
3-5 minutes: taffy (firm but stretches when cold)
5-7 minutes: toffee (hard when kept in fridge, will crack with jagged edges)

If you are whisking the whole time, you won’t be in danger of burning any but the toffee. In the past I’ve tried the hard ball/ soft ball/drop in water technique, but it’s failed me. So I watch the color; light caramel color for caramel, beginning to change to brown for taffy, and fully golden brown (toffee color!) for toffee. (Oh yeah, some people use a candy thermometer…maybe I’ll get one sometime…)

I’ve been making this a lot this fall. Isn’t caramel just a fall flavor?? Love it! Here’s how I use it:

Pour hot into a glass bowl and refrigerate 1hour, serve with dipping apples.
Drizzle over mulled cider.
Drizzle into homemade ice cream with pecans.

Wrap in individual papers (baking paper cut in squares).
Make nut power bars: when pulling from heat, mix in 1/2lb each cashews and almonds, and 1 cup raisins (or craisins would be great). Press into a greased glass baking pan (9×13), cut into squares when cool and wrap in paper with twine ties. Here is a picture of them in a jar in my pantry, waiting to be snacks for Friday School.


Toffee bits/pieces for garnish: Spread thin on a large papered baking sheet, top with Himalayan Salt, and freeze 1 hour, then crack.
Nuts may be added to the above for nut brittle.
Toffeed pecans: cut honey brittle recipe in half to candy coat 1lb of nuts. Separate before cooling or you’ll have a chunk. Cinnamon is a possible addition.
Toffee on a Lolly: pour 1 batch of honey brittle into two sprayed ice cube trays (16 count each, 32 total). Pop a small sized craft stick into each, and allow to cool to warm…pop each out and roll with squares of baking paper. Kids love these! For chocolate flavor, whisk in 1/3 cup cocoa powder after removing from heat.