Diet Makeover Wrap Up

If you’ve been following this Diet Makeover since the beginning, you may have wondered whatever happened at the end of the week. Sorry for the delay in blogging; I’ve been traveling and returning my own family into a normal schedule and wasn’t able to write.

I left my sister’s house on Saturday morning, after a few last hugs all around and a snuggle with Baby Mac. It’s always hard to hold him as I’m afraid he’ll “break” in my arms, although his parents assure me that won’t happen and I should just hold him like any other baby. Here he is with me (left) and his mom.


I ask Mrs. Mom to weigh Baby Mac on Saturday morning to see if there was any change with the daily bone broth/butter oil supplementation. He has really struggled to gain weight, as healing from surgery requires so many additional calories. On Thursday he also had to fast for 12 hours for an MRI, (which just seems wrong and Mrs.Mom has decided to fight on the next go around), so we were holding our breath that he had retained his 4.5 ounce gain between Sunday and Tuesday. But low and behold, his weight had risen another 2.5 ounces to 14 lbs!! Good job Mac! Keep it up!

I can’t wait to see the results as he transitions even more to the broth/liver formula (Weston A. Price) which Mrs. Mom is making this week.


Mr. Dad commented that his seasonal allergies had been better all week, except for right after indulging at Chic Fil’A, and that he hadn’t therefore needed his allergy medicine all week, which he normally took daily. The SCD diet makes no claim to restore immune health so quickly; it’s the long term nourishment and cleansing that truly bolsters the immune system, however wheat, sugar, and milk are all common allergies, and removing them from his diet may have helped Mr. Dad feel better so quickly.

In prep for the coming week, I gave Mrs.Mom an electronic version of my 2 week meal plan, which I’ve printed off and keep in my purse so I can quickly reference it while grocery shopping each week. She will need to revise it with some of their favorite meals (like Aeggekage) and delete some they don’t like or which have ingredients which they react to.

We plan to FaceTime this week so I can walk her through making a pizza crust with almond flour (yes, it can be done).

Some other menu ideas:
Curry Crockpot Chicken over diced apples and shredded cabbage
Tuscan white bean soup with sausage and kale
Grassfed beef hamburgers with cheese buns
Burrito bowls
Steak and roasted veggies

Have you enjoyed this Diet Makeover? What changes have you made to support a healthier lifestyle?

Day Four [Diet Makeover pt. 11]

Kids woke happy and ate up their muffins and yogurt in a flash. Here’s a happy face and empty bowl (sorry for the harsh lighting).


Ripe banana
Homemade 24 hour yogurt with berries and honey
Banana muffins [almond flour] with butter
Frittata with sauteed bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and sliced apple sausage, topped with cheddar (for Moms)


Mr.Dad had to leave early for an appointment a few hours away, so he ate muffins and yogurt before the frittata was ready. Taking a lesson from yesterday’s Chic Fil-A incident, we discussed food options for him while on the road. The top ideas:

Restaurant Meal Ideas

A salad with grilled chicken, hold the dressing and croutons (a drivethru option, but it would be boring without dressing, and the chicken may be injected with sugar/corn syrup)

An omelette with veggies, meat, and aged cheese (cheddar, Swiss, etc.) if he could lunch at a breakfast place

A meat entree with veggies on the side, such as steak and asparagus, half a roasted chicken and green beans, etc. This is obviously an option for a nicer sit-down restaurant.

A burrito bowl, hold the rice and corn chips (this is what he chose at Baja Fresh)

Apple sausages, mandarins (kids)
Fajita leftovers as lettuce wraps (Moms) Yummy!


Mrs.Mom and I made dinner together, converting one of her favorite recipes; a Danish Souffle. (We substituted kefir for milk and almond flour for wheat flour.)

Aeggekage, with honey caramel sauce
Chicken apple sausages


SCD Aeggekage
9 large eggs
2 cups 24 hour kefir
2 cups almond flour
1/2 cup liquid honey
1/2 tsp salt
Melt 1 stick of butter in a glass 9×13 pan in a 500 degree oven. Whisk ingredients together until foamy, carefully pour into hot pan, and bake for 15 minutes. Serve immediately.

Honey Caramel
1 stick butter
1/2 cup honey
Heat in saucepan over medium flame, stirring until boiling for about 5 minutes thickens sauce.

Also today I made 3 zucchini lasagnas for the freezer. Wash and thinly slice 1.5 lbs zucchini, dehydrate for about 2 hours on parchment lined pans in a 200 degree oven.


Fry up 2 lbs of Italian sausage. I used a mixture of Trader Joes Sicilian chicken sausage (it has no sugar) and organic ground beef with Italian spices and garlic added.


Add 2 jars of prepared marinara. (Wholefoods brand 365Everyday in no fat variety has no sugar or bad oils (soy and canola being the common bad oils) and is organic.)


Assemble the lasagnas with meat sauce, then layer of zucchini, then cheese (using Trader Joes Quatro Formaggio which is an Italian blend).


Then a layer of homemade ricotta: yogurt strained through a cheesecloth. You’ll need about a quart of yogurt drained through flour sack into a glass bowl for about 6 hours. Yield is 1 cup ricotta and 3 cups whey liquid (we are saving the whey as an ingredient in homemade baby formula).

For the lasagna ricotta, add one egg and some basil and nutmeg. Smear into a layer as well as you can, then repeat layers of meat sauce, zucchini, meat sauce, and top with cheese. These will make easy freezer meals in the coming weeks.

Task list:
Move yogurt, Creme Fraiche, and kefir to fridge, start new batches if desired
Make and serve above meals
Make and freeze lasagnas

Here’s a picture of me straining the yogurt ricotta from the whey. The lasagna pictures were taken by my eight year old daughter; thanks sweetie!


Day Three [Diet Makeover pt. 10]

Homemade 24 hour Yogurt, with berries and honey on top
Banana Muffins made with almond flour, topped with Irish Butter (Kerrygold)
Ripe banana

The kids woke up happy this morning, and excited about muffins and yogurt for breakfast. The pre-breakfast banana they each ate when they first rose pretty much filled up Sister, as she ate only about half her muffin and berries. But she was super excited that the berries were pink!! [favorite color] Brother ate 2 muffins plus his sister’s half muffin while I regaled him with the wonders of Irish Butter, from Irish Cows, feasting on Irish Clover. He’s been saying “Mmm, Irish Butter!” ever since.

Almond Roll Ups for kids (like a crepe made with just egg and butter, with almond or peanut butter and/or honey and cinnamon inside)
Soup leftovers for Moms

The Almond Roll Ups were not loved by these kids as they are by my children. I think a key is that hot crepes are awesome, but if you’re unsure about it, and stare at it for 20 minutes, they aren’t so great cold. However, the children all ate much better today, and we heard very few requests for contraband food.

In the afternoon, both Moms and kids/babies took a trip to the local Farmers Market, which was beautiful and had plenty of seasonal organic veggies. We bought asparagus and King Oyster mushrooms for dinner, as well as lettuce, several herbs, carrots, and broccoli.

Mr. Dad wasn’t able to make it home for lunch, and being pressed for time, swung through the Chic Fil-A drivethru, only to realize that there’s nothing “legal” to eat there. He ordered chicken nuggets in a heroic effort to avoid a bun. He confessed all this in true on-your-honor-boyscout spirit when he arrived home before dinner. Lesson learned: have a lunch plan.

Salmon fillets, broiled with marinade of lemon juice, olive oil, honey, and balsalmic vinegar, with some garlic and dill
Mushrooms sauteed in butter and garlic
Asparagus sauteed in butter and garlic

We had an unfortunate dinner malfunction because half of the frozen salmon I grabbed from the freezer had been frozen at home from a fresh whole fish…but it was too long ago and it tasted fishy and bitter. We realized this at the table, after the first bite, and had to chuck all the bad fish and divide the remaining flash frozen/individually sealed fish between us. What we had was good. Lesson learned: ask about viability of unmarked freezer food (me) and don’t freeze fish yourself (all of us).

Task list:
Begin another batch of yogurt and Creme Fraiche (trying to culture all their milk so they have some ahead when I leave town)
Make another batch of Banana Muffins
Shop for a short list at Trader Joe’s: most of what we need was already purchased there, and at Costco, earlier in the week


This recipe is featured with Fajita Salad in Day Two of my Diet Makeover Series.


3-4 ripe avocados: firm yet soft when pressed with the finger

Rinse clean, slice in half lengthwise and pop the pit out (hold avo half in hand, with large sharp knife in other hand chop the blade into the pit and give a half turn to release pit from flesh), then scoop out flesh with spoon as shown above. Mash in medium glass bowl with a fork.


Add juice from 1 lime or lemon (lime is best). Bottled lime or lemon juice does not work; it must be fresh!


Add granulated garlic (1tsp?) and fine sea salt (1.5 tsp?). I keep tasting as I go until I like it…and I generally like it with a lot of lime/lemon and salt, and go lighter on the garlic. Also, if you’re eating it with veggies rather than salted chips, you’ll want it on the saltier side.


Serve with fajita salad and enjoy!

Crockpot Fajitas


This recipe is featured on Day Two of my Diet Makeover series, served as Fajita Salad over lime-juice-drenched chopped cabbage and cilantro, topped with guacamole and Creme Fraiche. SCD compliant.

In crockpot, layer from bottom to top:
1 sliced large onion
4 large frozen chicken breasts (these are like jumbo big)
1tsp. Granulated garlic, sprinkled over
2tsp. Cumin powder, sprinkled over
2tsp. Sea salt
2 bags frozen sliced bell peppers (Trader Joes Melange a’ Trois, 16 oz each)

Turn crockpot on high for one hour, then low all day. About an hour before serving, use two forks to shred cooked chicken and incorporate it into liquid. Adjust salt, and leave lid off for last hour if there is excess liquid.

This will yield several meals; I always like leftovers for lunch the next day or as a freezer meal.

Pantry 2 [Diet Makeover pt. 8]

Ok, here’s a more thorough pantry review. We sorted all the SCD legal foods onto one shelf, and left the illegals on the other shelves.

I’ll show you the illegal first. Pantry door:


And two high shelves:


And the same two shelves, this time panning further into the pantry:


And then a lower (kid eye height) with the legal foods (lowest shelf illegal again):


We see canned tomatoes, tuna, chicken, and fruit with no sugar.

And panning to the left on this “legal” shelf:


We see canned pumpkin, capers, pure juices, marinara (this one the fat-free version of Wholefoods brand has no sugar or soy/canola oil). In the picture you can see unsweetened chocolate which is not allowed on most SCD lists, but it may be used in moderation later on.

It’s a little discouraging to look at all the “can’t eats” but we’re not throwing them out at this point. If American Family has gluten testing which comes back positive, the gluten products will have to go, but they may want to use some of the sugary things for holiday baking. Those decisions are bridges to cross in the future.

Diet Begins [Diet Makeover pt. 5]

It’s super late here…should have blogged earlier, but I went shopping with my sister instead. 🙂 But before I hit the sack I wanted to catch you up a little with how things have been going.

I arrived here Sunday afternoon, and began cooking right away. However, American Family had already been eating “normally” for breakfast and lunch, so that didn’t really count as our first day of SCD.

Mrs. Mom had already read up on SCD on sites like, but Mr. Dad wanted me to give him the bottom line on the diet restrictions (no grains, starches, sweets save honey and fruit, or dairy save homemade 24 hour cultured or hard aged cheese). His eyebrows shot up when I told him many people eat this way for at least 6 months to two years to heal their immune systems. But he’s been a really good sport about all the restrictions and substitutions; these parents will need to decide themselves when they and their children are OK to ease up on this healing diet.

roasted chicken (the whole bird with sea salt, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning sprinkled inside and all over skin)
steamed green beans with lots of butter
spring salad greens with homemade dressing (a little white and dark balsamic vinegars w/out sugar added, Italian seasoning, water, a good amount of olive oil, diced capers, lemon juice, salt)

Roast 2 chickens
Prepare dinner beans and salad
Make salad dressing
Bone chicken meat for tomorrows lunch and dinner
Start making bone broth in crock pot with chicken bones, cartilage, skin (what wasn’t enjoyed at dinner), and drippings
Make jello with pure concord grape juice and gelatin
Start culturing Cream Fraiche with a pint of whipping cream and packet of Yogourmet yogurt starter (in oven for 24 hours)
Sort out fridge and pantry foods for SCD legal and Non-legal foods
Start overnight baked apples in the other oven: sliced peeled apples with dabs of butter all over in covered deep dish baker @ 200 degrees all night long


Meet An American Family [Diet Makeover pt. 2]

My sister’s family is a classic middle-American family. She’s a stay at home mom with a photography business on the side, he’s a worker’s comp attorney who switched firms a few years back so he could spend more time with his wife and kids. We’ll call them Mrs. Mom and Mr. Dad.
Their super-cute kids are six and four; a boy and a girl. He has a vivid imagination, and may be a cowboy or superhero on any given day, and also waxes philosophical at times. She is a snuggly princess, who is fairly low maintenance if she knows mama and daddy love her. We’ll call them Brother and Sister. Baby Mac was introduced to you in the last post.
Like many middle-American families, they have a list of health challenges, even without counting the Spina Bifida saga. Mom and Dad both suffer from multiple seasonal, food, and environmental allergies; Brother has has episodes of seizures and fixation/stemming (Tourette’s like) since infancy. Sister has a small jaw with crowded teeth. Baby Mac needs to gain weight; after losing weight and requiring extra calories for tissue healing at each of his hospital stays, he currently weighs less than his cousin (my baby girl) who is six months younger than him. Here’s a picture of the two babies side by side.

Our hope is that the Specific Carbohydrate Diet can make an effect on these symptoms through cleansing of pathogens, gut healing, replacement of positive gut flora and the ensuing immune boost and enhanced mineral, vitamin, and calorie absorption.
Up next: our kitchen and pantry clean out.

Diet Makeover

This week I am in California, visiting my sister and her family. She has asked me to give her family a “diet makeover” during my visit, and I’m going to try to share the journey with you while I’m here.
I’m posting from my iPhone, so please forgive any technical errors. 🙂

Here’s a picture of my nephew, Mac. He was born last May, and has severe Spina Bifida, which has led to 10 surgeries and many other life saving measures in the last 10 months. Although he is too weak to nurse for all of his caloric needs, my sister is committed to continuing her breast milk supply for him since the immune factors in breast milk are so crucial for him. So a major goal is to boost her immunity for transfer to him.

Mac just came home from the hospital (again) last Saturday, after a minor cold going through the family developed into meningitis in him.
I’ll introduce the rest of the family to you later, and journal our diet makeover for you.