Pot Pies and Motherhood

This is a homemade chicken pot pie, which is in a different category entirely than the frozen pot pies I craved as a child!

When I was a child, I loved pot pies. You know, the generic kind you buy from the freezer bin at the supermarket, pop in the oven for half an hour, and then eat slowly, savoring each flakey crumb of pie crust.

We rarely ever got to eat them, and as a kid I thought they were too expensive; I know I was told that as a general reason why Mom didn’t buy prepared/frozen foods. I’m sure I was also told that processed food isn’t good for our bodies, but I don’t remember ever thinking much about it. I just thought they were too expensive, and if we got them by request on our birthdays, wow, that was a splurge!

Now that I am a mother, I realize my mom was thinking of her kids health as the primary reason she didn’t buy us pot pies more than once in a very blue moon. Compared to the fresh fruits and veggies, fresh fish, whole grains, natural cheeses, whole chickens, and other “real” foods that filled my mom’s shopping cart, frozen pot pies are cheap(!) and easy(!!). If they were a healthful food, every mother would serve them twice a week.

My mother has four grown daughters with children; 14 beautiful grandchildren.  I wonder if she thinks with satisfaction about all the work of all those years in raising her children, and the wonderful reward of grandchildren for her toil. Although the feeding of a child is not nearly the whole of parenting, nor the gravest of moral responsibilities in their upbringing, it sure does take a lot of time and effort. In addition to the million things my mother taught me, gave me, and sacrificed for me, I’m grateful for the good foods she made me (and made me eat!); she gave me the nutritional foundation to grow a strong body and be ready for motherhood myself.

Thanks, Mom! I love you!