This recipe is featured with Fajita Salad in Day Two of my Diet Makeover Series.


3-4 ripe avocados: firm yet soft when pressed with the finger

Rinse clean, slice in half lengthwise and pop the pit out (hold avo half in hand, with large sharp knife in other hand chop the blade into the pit and give a half turn to release pit from flesh), then scoop out flesh with spoon as shown above. Mash in medium glass bowl with a fork.


Add juice from 1 lime or lemon (lime is best). Bottled lime or lemon juice does not work; it must be fresh!


Add granulated garlic (1tsp?) and fine sea salt (1.5 tsp?). I keep tasting as I go until I like it…and I generally like it with a lot of lime/lemon and salt, and go lighter on the garlic. Also, if you’re eating it with veggies rather than salted chips, you’ll want it on the saltier side.


Serve with fajita salad and enjoy!