Ready, Set, Organize!

It’s hard to have a clean house if it isn’t (at least somewhat) organized. Being organized really comes down to habits; daily, weekly, seasonally. Here’s my basics:


  • sort mail as soon as it comes into the house: recycle all junk, envelopes immediately, sort keepers into To Do, To Call, To File.
  • A place for everything, and everything in it’s place. Try to do a once over at the end of the day to get things back in place.


  • organize time with a schedule, and To Do/To Buy lists.
  • choose a drawer or closet to sort and organize once a week while watching a movie or talking on the phone
  • sort out kids crafts/papers


  • sort adult and kids clothes, toys, shoes; donate, consign, or give items away to friends who will use them

Saturday morning, I plan to catch up on some home organization:

  • clean up our school cabinet (which is the dining room hutch pictured above. A Mess.)
  • file some paperwork
  • pack up my maternity clothes
  • look through the kids toys to check for broken and unused toys; the two oldest children will be away for the morning working on their AWANA cars, so it’s a good time to clean out without resistance.

Plan: don’t get distracted by details (don’t sit down to look through art work or photos, just file and move on), take donations that day/give aways within the week (keep in the garage so they down migrate back into circulation).

A New Year: Make It a Clean Green One

Happy New Year!

Making changes to a clean, green lifestyle can be overwhelming at first. But a few successes arms you with confidence to keep making healthy changes for your family. And a schedule of topics can help you to know you’re covering all your bases.

That’s why I’ve put together a year’s worth of healthy habits for you. It’s on the tab (top of the page) title Healthy Habits Series. Think of each month’s topics as a challenge to make a clean green start, or take it to the next level. During that month, I’ll be writing articles to coincide with the topics, and I’d love to help you in any way I can to succeed in a major overhaul, or in fine-tuning. (Just send me and email! I’d also love to hear how you’re doing in comments sections of each post.)

Lifestyle changes are hard for me; but I’ve found that I can form new habits when I understand how important the change is, and only concentrate on a few things at a time. So we only have a few topics each month But, if you follow along, you can significantly improve the quality of life for yourself and your family in just this year.

Let’s make 2011 our healthiest year yet. Are you ready to make a clean green start?