Pantry 2 [Diet Makeover pt. 8]

Ok, here’s a more thorough pantry review. We sorted all the SCD legal foods onto one shelf, and left the illegals on the other shelves.

I’ll show you the illegal first. Pantry door:


And two high shelves:


And the same two shelves, this time panning further into the pantry:


And then a lower (kid eye height) with the legal foods (lowest shelf illegal again):


We see canned tomatoes, tuna, chicken, and fruit with no sugar.

And panning to the left on this “legal” shelf:


We see canned pumpkin, capers, pure juices, marinara (this one the fat-free version of Wholefoods brand has no sugar or soy/canola oil). In the picture you can see unsweetened chocolate which is not allowed on most SCD lists, but it may be used in moderation later on.

It’s a little discouraging to look at all the “can’t eats” but we’re not throwing them out at this point. If American Family has gluten testing which comes back positive, the gluten products will have to go, but they may want to use some of the sugary things for holiday baking. Those decisions are bridges to cross in the future.