Refrigerator [Diet Makeover pt. 12]

We’ve already looked in American Family’s pantry and spice cabinet; now let’s peek in the fridge. These photos are from later in the week, so most of the SCD illegal foods have already been cleaned out. (What did we do with them? Mr. Dad gave them to coworkers.)

Top shelf:
Leftovers at the back, including the chicken veggie soup in the pot. Front center is bone broth for Baby Mac (we cooked another bird and stewed the bones so he would have broth) and Parmesan cheese on the right.

Next shelf down:
Waters to left. Jars at back are Kalamata olives, marinated artichokes, and chopped garlic, all of which are all natural and no sugar. Front right are leftovers and a chicken liver (organic from in the bird we made for broth) to be made into baby formula. Center front is homemade Creme Fraiche.

Next shelf down:
Organic raw milk, waiting to be turned into yogurt or kefir like that in the jars behind and beside it. To the right we have organic peanut and almond butters, without sugar which is often added to nut butters). Behind the peanut butter is a bottle of lemon juice which is used for non-food purposes only.

Top drawer:
Parmesan, cheddar, and Swiss brick cheeses, shredded Quattro Formaggio, and Aidell’s apple chicken sausages (back) and Applegate Farms organic grassfed hotdogs, both without sugar or fillers.

Next drawer down:
Lots of organic raw veggies: carrots, celery (soup), lettuce (wraps), dill, thyme, oregano (for ranch dip), leeks (for leek soup), broccoli (for chicken casserole).

Bottom drawer:
Box of organic spring salad, mushrooms (crimini is my all around favorite).

Top of door:
Butter (grassfed or organic is best)
Lower down:
Medicines on this shelf, plus a few sugar laced fruit butters (don’t eat while on SCD, but maybe later for holiday baking?), and marichino cherries (which are awful chemical concoctions, but might top a birthday cake sometime without being actually eaten…I’ll leave them).

Next shelf down on door:
Perrier waters, wine (very dry is technically the only one allowed on SCD which is my favorite for cooking), unfiltered apple juice, maple syrup (not allowed on SCD but it’s a wholesome sweetener for later), a box of yo gourmet starter.
To Go: the two jars of Better Than Bullion which supplant the superfood bone broth, and are made of sugar, maltodextrin, and chicken “flavor” (whatever that is).

Bottom of door:
This is the last cache of food which Mr. Dad will be taking to coworkers, except the pure concord grape juice which is “legal.” All the rest are full of sugar, corn syrup, and bad oils (poor coworkers! But if this is what they are eating anyway…). There were a few other containers that already were chucked in the trash can as they were too empty to hoist on offer to friends, including a bottle of Hersheys chocolate syrup. It’s going to be important that sweets like that are out of sight and out of mind if this diet makeover is to last the intended six week intro.