Hi! I’m Bronwyn – and this is my husband Heiko, and our six kids. We are Diamond leaders with Young Living, and we LOVE educating about wellness, purpose, abundance, and essential oils. I started using oils for my family and myself during my last pregnancy, and that was it. I couldn’t shut up about them, and I started helping our friends use them too. It became my mission to help other women (and men!) like us that loved oils and a crunchy (but modern!) lifestyle to come together and actually provide for our families while doing it. Being able to teach other families (like our own) to be empowered by their own wellness journey was incredible, and I began to use my blog platform CleanGreenStart as another education avenue for oils as a powerful wellness tool everyone should have in their home. I watched it month after month keep growing, more and more families joining us and somehow we just kept wanting to change the perceived view of network marketing into what it really was–A community of like minded people sharing stories and successes and hope and freedom and wellness. I love essential oils, winged eye-liner, homeschooling, a great movie after my kids go to bed, and tea lattes.