There’s a lot of places you can spend your money, and a nearly infinite number of products to choose from. Here is my list of best bets from companies I trust and whose products have brought true benefit to my home and the homes of many, many others I’ve consulted.

Young Living

This company began as an essential oil company, when essential oils were not even known, and truly pioneered not just EO use in North America, but the worldwide modern EO movement. However, through innovating products across the wellness, household, and beauty industries they now are a one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to make healthy changes in their homes.

Maybe what I love most about this company is that they started as a farm, and still are a “farm company” meaning that they source most of their raw materials on their own farms and highly vetted partner farms. They are so confident in their innovative farm practices that they transparently allow customers to come tour their farms and facilities.

Stand out products: see this post on A Dozen YL Products I Love. However, it’s hard to list the many products with use from this company, as they are in every room of our home!

Curious about where to start with an order? See post Come Oil With Me.

I love this company culture and the products they offer, and I am a Brand Partner with them, leading a large and successful team. If you are interested in this as a business, please text me at 360-525-9921 with the keyword BrandPartner.

Root Cause Protocol
In my quest to find the causes behind the causes of so many modern ailments, including chronic anemia in myself, I found the RCP, which connects the dots between nutrient deficiencies, the metabolic imbalances they create, and the many symptoms which plague our society. I believe the RCP protocol is the most important nutritional basis on which to build a healing protocol.

I have taken extensive training to become a Root Cause Protocol consultant, however, I prefer to equip you to make a lot of progress yourself before seeking the help of a consultant. Please go to Downloads/RCP to download my free guide on this.

Request a Test

Getting a blood test for meaningful information is an empowering step; being able to order it yourself is even more so. I have partnered with this company to offer you the autonomy to order your own blood panels. Below are the two I utilized most often with clients:

Full Monty; appropriate for any adult wanting to see behind the curtain of their nutrition and blood chemistry. See my guide on a basic reading of the results in Downloads/RCP

Thyroid Hormones; appropriate for those with thyroid concern. See my guide on reading these results in Downloads/Thyroid

Ancient Minerals, Amazon or elsewhere

This company produces some bath salts that are worth the soak! Made of Magnesium Chloride which is better absorbed and utilized than the Magnesium Sulfite of epsom salts, I feel the cellular energy which this bioavailable magnesium provides!

Weston A Price
A wonderful resource for learning about ancestral eating, including links to local WAP chapters and raw milk sourcing. However, if you see recommendations for using fermented cod liver oil, I recommend you ignore that bit of advice and always choose fresh cod liver oil from reputable companies. There is much evidence to show that the fermented fish oils are actually rancid and very damaging to health.

Jigsaw Health

This is a magnesium company, and they do magnesium really well; I often use these products with my clients: MagSoothe, Mag SRT B free, Alaskan Cod Liver Oil, Adrenal Cocktail.

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